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Here you will find answers to most of your questions by clicking on the links below. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me directly by email.

*Covid precautions will be observed. Surfaces will be disinfected, I am fully vaccinated, and a mask will be worn if requested*

Table of Contents

1) Do I NEED professional headshots?

YESSSS!! A headshot is one of THE most important things in an actors arsenal. It’s your first impression and it cannot be sub-par, or “nice”. When you submit for a role you need to stand out against other people that look just like you, and if you don’t stand out then they have no reason to even look at your resume. Your photos need to be shot by someone who specializes in headshots, because when you get crappy headshots, not only will you not stand out, you’re communicating to casting directors and other industry professionals that you aren’t serious about your career and aren’t willing to put in the effort that other actors are. So, you’ll simply be passed over for someone else that slapped them across the face with awesomeness.

They’re an incredibly important investment and will more than pay for themselves when you’re landing roles because they’re opening the door for auditions and leaving a fantastic lasting impression.

The photographer should know what casting directors are seeking, stay current with industry trends, make you stand out as an individual, AND pull emotion right through the photo, especially through your eyes. The expression “the eyes are the windows to the soul” could have been written about acting headshots. Headshot photography is an art form and it’s not easy nor simple.

I specifically studied headshot photography for 3 years before charging a dime, and I’m not here to rip you off. Therefore, I’ve arranged your shoot in such a way that it sets you up for success!

2) Where are you located? What is the parking like?

It’s a convenient location in Studio City on Laurel Canyon Blvd, near the 101 fwy. There is always plenty of free and easy parking right out front!

3) Do you have a studio? Where does the session take place?

I do have a comfy studio with central air and shoot both in the studio as well as outside utilizing natural light (weather allowing) to provide you with a wide range of compositions. I also have MANY background colors to choose from, including both bright and simple/subtle colors. I have beverages available, a bathroom/changing room with large mirror, as well as a clothing rack and clothes steamer if needed. I’ll also be playing fun music during the shoot or you’re welcome to bring your own!

4) What about the weather?

The weather DOES have an impact on our natural light shots. I CAN still take awesome headshots when it’s overcast, but not in the rain. If it’s raining the entire shoot would be in studio unless you’d like to reschedule.

5) How do I prep for the shoot and what should I wear/bring?

You’ll receive all the info you need (and more) via e-mail concerning how to prepare, what to expect, etc. after you have booked a date. however, if you have specific questions or concerns (that aren’t answered here) that you would like to discuss beforehand please feel free to contact me.

6) Do you offer a wardrobe consultation and other advice?

Absolutely! We are partners in this! I will work with you every step of the way with deciding what to wear, which backgrounds work with what, how to create the looks you need, makeup, poses, facial expressions… you name it! My job is to do you justice, so I’ll provide whatever help I can in order to make your shoot and photos a complete success!

7) Do you provide Hair and makeup?

A makeup/hair artist is not a requirement, however those services are available if desired.
Please let me know, when contacting me to book your shoot, if you are interested in using a makeup/hair artist; and I will send you their rates and contact info. They are flexible and able to fit your various needs such as one “do and go” look, or stay and provide additional looks and touch ups.

8) Can I bring my own MUA?

Certainly! I would just ask that you have your makeup (and hair) complete and ready to shoot when you arrive. Then your makeup and/or hair artist can stand by to provide touch-ups or create different looks during the course of the shoot.

9) Can I shave during my shoot to change looks?

YES! You are welcome to arrive with facial hair, and then trim or shave after we have shot those particular looks. It will cut into your shooting time a little, however it’s worth it if you would like to achieve a more drastic variety of looks! You would need to bring any shaving accessories necessary for this and try not to make a mess of the bathroom or risk being scolded like a small child. Lol.

10) Will I be able to see my shots during the session?

Absolutely! I’m happy to show you how things are looking, to be sure you’re happy with clothing, background choices and the overall direction of the shoot. Anything can be adjusted at any time.

11) What if I don't know what I'm doing?

 If you’re just starting out, are nervous, etc, no worries, because I know exactly what I’M doing! I have plenty of tricks and techniques up my sleeve to not only create great looks and emotion, but also help you to relax, and break you out of your shell!

12) I'm ready to book. Now what?

Visit the “Contact” page for my email link and send me an email explaining which package you would like to purchase, and dates you might like to shoot. You will receive a response usually within 24 hours providing you with booking options around your preferred schedule! Once you have selected a date you will receive an email with all the important info needed to prepare for the shoot (address, phone, how to prepare, what to bring, what to expect, etc).

13) Schedule flexibility?

We can typically book you within 1 to 3 weeks depending on my current schedule, and how well our schedules work together.

14) Do you have a waiting list?

YES! If you have scheduled your shoot, and it’s several weeks away, but you’d like the opportunity to shoot at an earlier date if there is a cancellation, then I am happy to keep you on the list and contact you in the event an earlier date becomes available!

15) Forms of payment accepted?

I accept payment via Paypal, Venmo, Zelle, or other forms of reliable online payment. I can also scan your credit or debit card to accept payment at the shoot, as well as cash. I do not accept personal checks. The rate is to be paid in full at the shoot. Please be aware that there is an $8 processing fee for Paypal and credit/debit card payments.

16) Do you require a deposit?

Yes. A deposit amount of $50 is required when booking a shoot date, and can be paid via Paypal, Venmo, or other forms of reliable online payment (your deposit can be arranged when contacting me to book your shoot). If you must cancel/reschedule your appointment, 24 hours notice is required for your deposit to be used towards rebooking a new shoot date. If you cancel a second time your deposit will be forfeited. Your deposit is non-refundable except under one circumstance, and that is if I’m the one that needs to cancel our appointment. The reason for this is because I have a chronic migraine condition and can wake up in the morning plagued with searing pain which requires me to reschedule a shoot booked for that day. It happens very rarely, but if it does, I will go out of my way to reschedule our shoot for as soon as humanly possible! Or you may request a refund of your deposit.

17) Late arrivals?

If you’re 10 minutes late it’s no biggie. However, 20 mins to half an hour late or so becomes a problem. If you are very late it will eat into your shoot time you’re paying for, either because I have another client, OR because we’ll lose the light if you chose to book your shoot during a time of day purposely to grab some natural light shots too. So please try your best to arrive on time in order to take full advantage of your important investment 😉

18) What if I have to cancel, reschedule, or am a no-show?

I’m an incredibly easy-going person. I’m not going to be angry if you need to reschedule, however giving me as much notice as possible is appreciated so that I can offer your slot to someone on the waiting list. Shit happens, important auditions happen, cars break down, I get migraines, etc etc. What I will be angry about is if you are a no show, and don’t bother to contact me (in which case you will also lose your deposit). I believe that professional courtesy is essential, and I will treat you with the same respect in which I deserve to be treated. As I have a chronic migraine condition (yayy for me, lol), rarely I am forced to cancel a shoot last minute, in which case I would reschedule your shoot for as soon as humanly possible.

19) What happens after my shoot?

You will receive a link to either view or download all the photos from the shoot (depending on which package you purchased) within 48 hours. Then the search begins to find the “Wow” shots for editing! Please feel free to ask for my opinion if you need it.

I’ll then edit your chosen photos which are included in your package, plus any extras if you wish to purchase them. You would then receive your edited photos via email within 10 days, usually sooner depending on how many photos you’ve requested to be edited, and how many other clients I’m currently editing, (I send them as I edit them). You’ll also receive two versions of each edited photo. A large version for printing purposes, and a small version formatted specifically for online use which will make it sharp and crisp for your social media accounts, acting profiles, etc.

20) How many photos will I get?

A lot. Ha ha! There is no set amount, we shoot like crazy for whatever time you purchased, and depending on look changes, and other variables, most people end up with between 200 and 500 photos.

21) Do my photos need to be edited?

YES. This is why I include edits in my packages. While I try my best to do a very natural edit so that you actually look like your headshot, you still want to be submitting the very best version of YOU that you can be! This means that I carefully edit everyone individually (I don’t put every clients photo into an editing program and push one button). Everyone has different skin tones, emotions, vibes, etc. And I treat you as the individual you are, and the headshots I take do not all come out looking the same. I spend on average 2 hours editing each photo, and I put in the effort necessary so that you have the best shots possible! I care much less about a casting director being able to recognize my work, than I do making you look awesome and special.

22) What if I'm having a hard time narrowing my shots or deciding which photos I should have edited?

I am more than happy to lend my expertise on deciding which headshots will work best for you! I’m also not shy about sharing my two cents if I feel there are other strong shots that haven’t been considered. The point of all of this is to end up with the absolute BEST headshots. That’s what I specialize in, and how I can tell you which 5 shots out of 500 are the WOW shots. What I don’t want is for you to spend all that effort and money just to pick out photos that are “meh”, haha!

23) What can I do with my photos?

Anything you want. Again, they are YOUR photos, and you paid for them. I retain joint ownership of the photos with you, simply so that I can post one or two of your headshots in my portfolio (with credit), unless otherwise requested by you.

24) Re-shoots and Refunds?

I’m afraid I do not offer re-shoots or refunds unless there is a technical failure with the equipment, or for some reason you don’t end up with at least 150 sharply focused quality photos. As you can see from my portfolio, I shoot from MANY angles and distances producing hundreds of creatively unique personalized shots, and you have unlimited looks. I’ll also be showing you the photos we’re capturing as we go, so if you don’t like a look, or a background, etc. please speak up so that we can be sure we’re getting the most from your shoot. As long as you come prepared, and communicate your goals and expectations clearly, don’t worry, you’ll be stoked, and like most of my clients your biggest problem will be trying to narrow hundreds of shots down to a few.

25) Do you offer a referral discount?

Yes! A good one! For every client you refer you receive $25 off your next shoot! So realistically, if you refer enough clients, you could earn a pretty massive discount by the time you need new headshots again, and you may use your accumulated discount any time you wish.

26) Do you shoot other genres besides headshots?

YES! While I DO specialize in headshot photography, I’m talented in other areas as well, and enjoy shooting many things! Keep an eye out for my other photography work coming soon! Please feel free to contact me to discuss a booking for any other concept you have your heart set on!

27) Do I have to give you credit?

Much of my business is word of mouth and referrals, so it’s always greatly appreciated if you give me credit (unless you’re posting unedited shots, or shots edited by someone else… cuz that’s just weird). BUT again, they are YOUR photos, you paid for them, and you are not under contract to give my business a boost, lol. With that being said, if you would like to tag me, and give a shout out about how awesome I am, and/or collect some sweet $25 referral discounts, you can do so on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest under Van Brianne Photo. And I’m also delighted to be friends with you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, and post one or more of your headshots with a link to your page, imdb page, mention specific work you’ve done, etc. It’s all about networking in this town, so I’m happy to add you to my online portfolios and get your name and face out there on my end!